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About the School

Mission Statement  



   It is our vision to enable students to achieve their maximum potential, to become more than they ever hope to be, and to develop self-reliant individuals with the potential to become functioning, literate adults who are capable of making contributions that will enable our society to experience growth and prosperity.


  About The School  


Oneida Elementary



Dear Student and Parent(s)/Guardian(s):

   I am so excited about the opportunity to work with the students and staff of the Oneida Elementary School.  Parents/Guardians, I will need your help.  I welcome any information, advice, and constructive criticism.  We want the parents/guardians of our students to be an active part of the elementary school.  I will do my best to provide the energy and enthusiasm necessary to be a top quality elementary school.

   Oneida Schools, the community of Oneida, and Scott County are special places.  We want decisions made at the elementary school to be STUDENT centered with the best interest of our students in mind.  We want our students to be a part of one of the best elementary schools in the state of Tennessee.

    We have an outstanding staff at Oneida Elementary School; among who are our top-flight teachers and compassionate aides.  Our teachers work extremely hard and have the best interests of their students at heart.  Our bus drivers and cafeteria workers play integral parts in the safety, nutrition, and environment of our school.  We have veteran office workers who are knowledgeable and truly care about our students.  We also have a quality, veteran administrative staff consisting of an assistant principal, counselor, family resource director, and a registered nurse.

   In conclusion, thank you for the opportunity to be your principal at Oneida Elementary School.

   Let's all have a great year!!

-Rick Harper