Communication and Dojo -

 I will be using "Dojo" as a way to communicate with my classroom parents. You will be able to sign up for Dojo on your computer or download the app to your phone. With Dojo, I will be able to send quick parent reminders or information that I feel are important. Parents will also be able to message me and I will be able to respond.
Dojo will also let you view your child's classroom behavior reports. I also use Dojo as a teaching tool to help students evaluate his/her own behavior. When your child is showing positive behavior, I will give him/her a dojo point. If your child receives 10 dojo points for the week, he or she will be able to get in the treasure box on Friday. However. if your child receives a "negative" point then they are not behaving in an appropriate manner. But students can quickly earn the point back by showing positive behaviors.