Online Resources

Online Resources
These are a few resources that can be accessed online for students to use!
MobyMax. This is our school-wide online resource that is used in the computer lab on a weekly basis. Students are familiar with this program! Information about login was on the outside of the packet that was sent home. After you login, the students can then find their name and click on the pass-images they have chosen for their account. 

GoNoodle. This is a website and app that gets students up and moving! They have lots of silly videos that the kids love, along with some educational and calming options. Go to or download the app! There is also a new interactive app called GoNoodle Games. 

Jack Hartmann on YouTube. Jack Hartmann has tons of educational videos for young students on almost any subject. You can find his videos on YouTube by searching "Jack Hartmann".

ABCya! This is a website and app that has educational games for students. Go to and click on Grade K. has instructional videos on a variety of subjects with other activities to use. It has a variety of instructional levels as well.
These are some of the options:
BrainPOP Jr.
Username: OneidaElem2020
Password: Oneida2020